A 21st Century Blueprint for Cognitive Dissonance Reduction as Linguistic Disarmament

By Rickard Goranowski.

Published by The International Journal of Science in Society

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Potential exists for a Great Recession recursion of the U.S. into post-Depression Euro-Asian fascism given “Tea-party” electoral co-optation of Republican Party politics. Literary anti-colonialism as cognitive dissonance effects antithesis against U.S. historical “true-believer” Tea-party antiscience. We proffer triangulation as Leon Festinger dissonance reduction functions similar magnetic resonance imaging of neurophysiology as Hegel-Fichte dialectical synthesis and propose that Democratic Party campaign discourse emulate Pierre Trudeau political enactment of Francofile bilingualism in Canada as flagship Obama-era politics.

Keywords: Politeness Theory; ‘Vive le Quebec Libre;’ Detente, Algerian Conflict, Disinformation; Scientific Socialism; Segregation; Indterminacy; Buyer’s Regret; fMRI

The International Journal of Science in Society, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp.93-106. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 499.213KB).

Mr. Rickard Goranowski

Post-Graduate, Legal Linguistics, Education Department, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, Mooresville, North Carolina, USA

I am a 1982 graduate of Anthony Wayne State University with 2010 Certification in Secondary Education in English from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte while working as a practicing paralegal after law school training from Antioch School of Law. Confidentiality and due diligence restrictions deny full disclosure of recent local clients but plaintiff-bar consumer advocacy and legal ethics mainstay my research legerdemain. Clinical advocacy in Womens’ Rights at Antioch School of Law Paralegal Program supporting a Dalkon Shield class actor in Maryland U.S. Eastern District remedy dispute respecting A.H. Robins’ settlement offer of $25,000, for client’s sterile rendition via product liability qua IUD insertion. My client privately settled for $100,000 on the basis of Tresemer v. Barke, a California 1984 case allowing a Dalkon plaintiff’s legal malpractice claim against insufficiency of counsel in tort. Liberty Interest advocacy with D.C. Superior Court Public Defender Service, 1989-91, under D.C. Code agency venue rules allowing prisoner rights lay representation for housing and disciplinary ticket infractions. I prevailed in 16 of 20 tries before Warden Venue hearings, with four Mayor’s Office appeals; my research draft prevailed in the landmark 1990 appeal before U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia District ordering provision of dental services for inmates. I initiated the U.S. Congress lobby to close Lorton (Virginia) Prison Complex as District of Columbia’s prerogative pleading walk-offs from minimum security units of HIV and non-reactive strain tuberculosis inmates, surfacing in January 1993. Lorton Complex officially closed for good in 1996. D.C. inmates are now housed in federal Bureau Of Prisons facilities. I returned to Detroit in 1995 to work for Harvard Law protégé Sidney Barthwell, Jr.’s , judicial campaign. Sid was co-editor of the Harvard Civil Rights Law Journal with now-President Barak Obama. Our Appellate Defender team prevailed in 1996 with my research draft under Sid’s signature, for a rare criminal appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals. In 1997 I crafted another rare reversal of a murder conviction for a convicted appeal client of Martin Adamian, Esq.